Top 10 Best Affordable Camping Tents

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Top 10 Best Affordable Camping Tents

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Let’s face it; you won’t get very far in the wilderness without a tent. A high quality tent is a great investment and will last you years. The following ten tents are some of the best money can buy.

10 – Wenzel’s Ridgeline 3 Person Dome Tent 7’ x 7’

The Ridgeline is a great tent for couples or travelers with a small child. It has a list price of $69.99. This tent is perfect for hikers or cyclists because it only weights 7.3 pounds. The tent is very weather resistant, with a rainfly coated with polyurethane and a tub floor. This tent is good for quick trips, but extended stay campers should either look purchase stronger tent poles or purchase

9 – Wenzel’s Alpine 3 Person Dome Tent 8.5’ x 8’

The Alpine is another option for single travelers or couples. It is a bit roomier than the Ridgeline and weights a bit more too at 8 pounds. It is still good for hiking or cycling and is more suitable for taller individuals given the extra length. This tent does not have an ideal rain fly and isn’t recommended to take on excursions where rain is possible or expected. Ventilation could also be

8 – Eureka Solitaire 1 Person Tent

The Solitaire is a great tent to bring along on a solo hiking trip. It is light weight at only 3 pounds, including stakes and poles. It has a center height of 28 inches and two storage pockets. It is small enough that you will definitely have to keep your boots and backpack on the outside of the tent. The rainfly does a sufficient job of keeping water out of the tent, making it suitable for even the rainiest of

7 – Eureka Apex 2XT 2 Person Tent

The Apex is a great two person tent to use in extreme conditions. It has a 7.5’ x 5’ floor and a center height of 43.5 inches. It weights 5 pounds, 12 ounces. It has excellent ventilation when the rainfly is down, with one entire wall of mesh. The rainfly is double coated with StormShield polyester and there is a sturdy bathtub floor to prevent water leakage. If you don’t mind giving up a bit of space for an outstanding rainfly, this is the tent for you.

6 – Coleman’s Montana 4 Person Tent 9’ x 7’

 The Montana 4 Person tent is a great tent for a small family who wants a bit of added room. This tent features a modified dome structure and a covered porch. The porch can fit 2 – 3 chairs underneath for added protection during storms. The tub-like floor rises approximately 5 inches, eliminating the need for a ground tarp in most situations. Ventilation could be improved when the rain fly is in use. Also, the zipper of the door could be improve for longevity.

5 – Suisse Sport’s Yosemite 4-5 Person 2 Room Dome Tent 10’ x 8’

 The Yosemite dome tent is a great tent if you want a mix between quality and value. With a list price of $69.99, it is a tent that can be used as either backup or an everyday-usage tent. This tent comes with a ton of features, including a removable divider that splits the tent into two rooms. This comes in handy for changing and privacy concerns. The tent has three mesh zipper windows and a mesh ceiling to provide extra ventilation. It has a peaked rainfly with a 600mm coating to help shield water. The Suisse Sport is a breeze to set up, with only five to ten minutes necessary. The poles are sturdy and the floor is tub style, which prevents excessive water from entering the tent. For electrical needs, there is an electrical cord access port.

4 – Wenzel’s Pine Ridge 4-5 Person 2 Room Dome Tent 10’ x 8’

Wenzel’s Pine Ridge tent is comparable to Suisse Sport’s Yosemite. It is a little more expensive with a list price of $119.99. One of the main differentiators between the two is that the Pine Ridge has two doors, one on each side of the tent. The bottom is “welded”, not sewn, and is made out of polyethylene. The polyethylene, about 4 inches in height, is very sturdy and prevents water from seeping in. The center height is sixty inches, which is good for a dome tent. The only draw back is that the mesh door zippers will require two hands for

3 – Coleman’s Sundome Tent 10’ x 10’

 Coleman’s Sundome tent is slightly larger than the two tents listed above. It also boasts an impressive center height of 72 inches. It is also slightly more expensive with a list price of $136.99. It has an extensive rainfly that covers the doors and windows quite well. The tent comes with a guarantee to keep you dry, no matter the weather conditions. This tent is excellent for warm weather camping activities, but wouldn’t fair as well in cold climates.

2 – Coleman’s Red Canyon 8 person 17’ x 8’

 The Red Canyon tent is definitely the best compromise between space and price. With a list price of only $139.99, it is a bargain for a family tent. It includes a center height of 72 inches and three room dividers. It has great ventilation, especially when the rain fly is removed. With the rain fly on, the tent is guaranteed to stay dry with Coleman’s Weathertec System. However, the tent does have a large profile and doesn’t do the best in high wind areas. A single door is another feature that could use improvement.

1 – Coleman’s Montana 8 Tent 16’ x 7’

Coleman’s Montana 8 tent is significantly bigger than all three tents listed above. It is an eight person, one room tent with a 74-inch center height. This is a great family tent, with room for two to three beds inside. This tent is priced at $219.99 and includes a one-year manufacturers warranty. The tent features a hinged door, which provides easier access than regular zip doors. With the rainfly attached, there is a good amount of privacy. The only draw back is that windows are considerably smaller than other tents, so ventilation in a warm to hot climate could


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