5 Tips to A Perfect Bug Out Location

HandySurvival September 19, 2013 3
5 Tips to A Perfect Bug Out Location

As a prepper we’re constantly told to have at least 1 bug out location, but let’s be real… many of us still haven’t taken the time to do so.

Ok, How about another scenario…

You’re on a vacation in unfamiliar territory, suddenly SHTF and you need to get moving FAST. You’ve never been to the area before and you need to find a bug out spot quick! What makes a good bug out spot? How do you decide where to go?

1.) Is a water source near by?

As humans we it’s recommended the max we go without water is 3 days… if you want to push it be my guest, however I’d rather not. When you are bugging out, there’s no telling how long you will be in said location. Make sure the water source is within walking distance so that you’re not burning too many calories just to get water everyday. If there are multiple sources of water… all the better. All you need is a water filter and you’re good to go!

2.) Is there shelter? If so, is it hidden and secure?

When you bug out to a certain location, you need a shelter you can count on. Would you trust your kids in a bug out shelter made of glass in a SHTF scenario? Hell no! Look for a house, a barn, or some kind of protective shelter you can inhabit.

After you’ve found the shelter… is it hidden or fully exposed to any passerbyer? Always shoot for a hidden shelter, you don’t want to be having to battle against the public to protect your safety… do you?

3.) Can you thrive there with your current skillset?

Let’s face it… a very important part of a bug out location is being able to take advantage of the resources available as is. If there’s a full fledged river stocked full of fish at your bug out location, but you can’t fish or spear fish… that does you no good food supply wise.

Look for a location where you an fully utilize your skillset in conjunction with the surrounding resources available to you.

4.) Is there a natural supply of food?

Survival kits are awesome, but again you may not have one at your disposal when SHTF. So let’s not count on your long term food storage to keep you all well and fed. Is there wildlife in the area? Is there a river to fish? Are there plants, trees, and berries that are editable? How’s the soil… is it rocky or can crops grow?

5.) How secure is it?

Are you going to be stuck playing 24/7 defense? Does the location have a perimeter fence? People may be all nice and dandy when things are going good in their day to day routine, but when things go south… be prepared for everyone and their mom to want your bug out location. You need to make sure your location is secure enough that you will not be putting yourself in constant danger.


I always make a note to check out my surroundings everytime I visit a new location. I like to know who and what I’m up against if I ever have to bug out in an emergency situation. Make sure to keep your bushcraft and skillsets up to par and always be practicing.

Take these questions, and run them through your head about your current bug out location. Any other tips we may be forgetting post them in the comments below!

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  1. Roy Patterson September 22, 2013 at 4:36 pm -

    I live in Arizona and I have checked out most of the state for Bug Out Locations. I can’t afford a cabin the Arizona mountains. So, I have decided my best option is to stay at home if the SHIT unless I can find a friend with a cabin in the mountains that would let me use it with them. One has to know what he can and can’t do, if bad times hit. You life my depend on your choices.

    • Handy Survival September 22, 2013 at 4:58 pm -

      Hi Roy,

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, I definitely believe bugging in is sometimes a more effective option than bugging out. Unfortunately, I’m not extremely familiar with Arizona so I can’t offer too much advice, but are you near any state parks? Another option, go to survival group hangouts and make friends, find someone you can potentially build a bug out location with.

  2. jakepi October 30, 2013 at 7:26 pm -

    Staying at home in your own private bunker will only work for a limited time frame. Eventually too many things run out and your forced to look far and wide for replacements. Probably the first thing to run out will be water or medicine. I say learn where the nearest federal bunker is located and learn as much as you can about it and what kind of defenses it will be using. Where are the air intakes. How many armed personnel will be inside. This may become your next super market in the near future, after the people inside turn on each other. Your best bet is to keep moving and have small supplies stashed on the way to the federal bunker. Keep some in a national or state park buried and hidden for future usage. By stating this I’ve already revealed too much! Good luck your on your own!!!!!!!!!!!!

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