2 Ways To Tell If You Have A Food Grade Quality Bucket

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2 Ways To Tell If You Have A Food Grade Quality Bucket

Being a successful prepper is all about efficiently storing your supplies. Imagine taking the time to create 8+ months worth of preps only to find out the storage buckets weren’t food grade. It would create a real hardship, especially if you were in a situation where you needed to utilize your preps. We want to prevent this exact case from occurring, that’s why we’ve created this article.

2 Ways To Tell If You Have a Food Grade Storage Bucket:

Way #1: If they are used buckets/tanks, verify that they have only held food

Typically food storage buckets are only used once, however if you happen to come across someone selling buckets and are in the market for them… make sure only food items have been stored in them previously. These kinds of buckets can sometimes be used to store oil, gasoline, etc… avoid buckets that have been filled with these at all costs.

Of course, you should always verify for yourself that the bucket was in fact only used to store food. You can’t be 100% sure, but we recommend to smell the inside of the bucket and also check the inside of the bucket for any possible stains. We recommend you only use the buckets you know for sure were food only.

Way #2: Look for a food grade plastic stamp

Almost all food grade plastic buckets are required to certain stamps.  This is the only approved plastic for food storage plastic containers. PETE, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PP,  and PS are all good examples of these.

Can you store food in non-food grade plastic buckets? 

Yes, just make sure you are putting the food inside mylar bags, that are then placed inside the thoroughly cleaned storage buckets.

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