4 Ways To Get Water In A SHTF Scenario

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4 Ways To Get Water In A SHTF Scenario

Water is an absolute must for a human beings survival, but have you made sure you’ve got access in all cases? Whether it’s a few days supply, or a long term source… you need to make sure you have a variety of options available.

In our efforts to make sure our readers are at maximum preparedness here’s a list of 5 ways to get water when you’re in need…

Method 1:  Create An Underground Water Still

This involves utilizing the ground temperature and heat of the sun within your still to generate condensation that then drains down into your drinking container.

Method 2: Purify Puddles of water, streams, rivers

Purification and filtering are both important for water sources that you find, however there is one distinct difference between the two. Purification will get rid of the viruses in the water, but filtering will not.

Method 3: Utilize Pre-stored water sources

Hopefully you’ve been storing water for awhile prior to the SHTF scenario. If you have, this method is for you. No matter how much water is stored, remember that this is a temporary solution and you should be utilizing your time to find a permanent source of water in the meantime.

Method 4: Utilize Morning Dew Collection methods

Many survival readings will tell you to tie rags or pieces of cloth around your ankles, then walk through dew filled grass. This works, but in our opinion the amount of energy wasted walking around just to get water could be better utilized. For example, consider utilizing rags and cloth draped directly over grass to collect condensation.

Water sources guide according to the US Army Field Manual:



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