10 iPhone Apps Every Survivalist Needs

Tomara Armstrong October 16, 2013 2
10 iPhone Apps Every Survivalist Needs

The great thing about the iPhone is that there’s an app for just about anything. This makes it extremely popular with survivalists—it has something to do with that multifunctional goodness you love, and the fact that it takes up very little space in your pocket.

The iPhone comes standard with a few great apps—there’s a map with GPS location, a phonebook, and calendar, as well as place for notes and information about the weather. Don’t get me wrong, you can definitely add information in these areas to make the iPhone a more efficient emergency resource, but there are plenty of apps out there that can help turn your phone into the ultimate survivalist tool.

The following collection of survivalist apps all have useful features that can be utilized in emergency situations. Some of these are self-contained, so they don’t require internet access or cell service, but a few of these would be fairly useless without access to their centralized databases.

What are some iPhone apps every survivalist needs?

Survival Guides:

SAS Survival AppSAS Survival Guide*
$5.99 (Lite version is available for FREE)
Contains the full text from the best-selling book SAS Survival Guide—over 400 pages optimized for iPhone. It contains photo galleries of animal tracks, knots, edibles, medicinal and poisonous plants, and more. It also contains Morse code signaling capabilities as well as a sun compass.

Lite version consists of basic survival information—building fires, finding water, navigation using the stars, and signals and codes.

Surivial Pocket ReferenceSurvival Pocket Reference
Information from the Department of Defense publication, Survival, Evasion, and Recovery—showing first aid techniques, how to create shelters in hot and cold climates, navigating by compass and stars, how to build a fire, and find food and water. It also shares information on how to survive nuclear, chemical, or biological attacks, as well as evasion tactics and more.

Army Survival GuideArmy Survival Guide
US Army Field Manual 21-76, Survival, includes information on the basic psychology of survival, as well as basic survival, medicine, shelters, water procurement, edible and medicinal plants, poisonous plants, dangerous animals, field weapons, tools and equipment. There’s also information on surviving in the desert, tropical regions, cold weather, and at sea, as well as navigation advice and insight into weather prediction.

2. First Aid:

Pocket First Aid & CPRPocket First Aid & CPR from American Heart Association*
Associate guidelines on CPR & Emergency Cardiovascular care—videos and high resolution illustrations for adult, child, and infant CPR. You can also use this app to store important medical information—insurance, doctors, allergies, etc.


iTriageiTriage – Health, Doctor, Symptoms and Healthcare Search*
Thousands of symptoms, diseases, conditions, procedures, and medications—search symptoms, learn potential causes, and find appropriate treatment. Find the nearest hospital, ER, Urgent Care, clinic, pharmacy, doctor, imaging center, mental health clinic, substance abuse, or community health center. You can also check waiting times at hospitals and ERs, as well as look-up emergency hotlines and physician and nurse advice lines. You have the ability to access health information stored at Microsoft’s HealthVault.com.

Army First AidArmy First Aid
600 pages from the Army First Aid Manual—contains information on basic first aid, rescue breathing techniques, stopping bleeding, dressings and bandages, and more. This app also contains critical supplemental information on Anatomy and Physiology, health and fitness calculators, dangerous fish and mollusks, dangerous insects and spiders, poisonous plants, and poisonous snakes and lizards.

3. Knots:

knots 3DKnots 3D*
A 3D view of over 90 knots. Watch how they are tied and untied, zoom in, or rotate 360 degrees. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, but is available on all devices.


4. Maps:

motionX GPSMotionX GPS
Access navigation information and measure distance between points—integrated with Google Maps. Download maps on your iPhone to be used for offline access, or stream map data as needed.



5. Tracking:

Bootprint Pocket SurvivalBootPrint Pocket Survival
Stores your last, strongest cell-signal in case you need to backtrack with no cell service. If you get lost or need help, the app will direct you back to the last place you had a good signal—it does not need preloaded maps or cell signal to do this. The app will show you the distance and a compass, heading back to the last location.


6. Plant Recognition:

Wild EdiblesWild Edibles Full*
$7.99 (Lite version available for FREE)
Access to 165 edible plants, 52 minor look-alikes, 719 images—up to 8 images of each plant, allowing you to search and filter plants by habitat, edible part type, and seasons available. You will find detailed descriptions, similar plants, poisonous look-alikes and medicine information, as well as harvesting information and preparation instructions.

Lite version consists of 20 common lawn greens as a starter for those new to foraging.

7. Navigation:

StarWalkStarWalk – 5 Stars Astronomy Guide
Explore over 200,000 celestial bodies with extensive information about stars and constellations that you see in the night’s sky. This interactive astro-guide follows your movement in real-time as you tap objects you see on your phone to access information.


8. Information Storage:

Create text notes and to-do lists, as well as store important health information, copies of important documents, maps, and family information for future reference. You have the ability to sync Evernote across multiple devices or simply store information you need to carry with you on your phone.


9. Reference/Books:

Download and store a whole library of books on to your phone and view them with this app. There are many free books available in the Kindle store, but consider purchasing some reference books on medicine, repair, edible and poisonous plants, atlases, and your survival favorites (with or without zombies.)


10. Utilities:

There are many free flashlight apps, and they all basically do the same thing. Many offer different features—this one by iHandy has numerous effects and features–all designed to light up your phone, illuminating the dark.



You may have noticed a couple of categories with multiple apps—these were all recommended by other survivalist like you, so I wanted to be sure and list them all. This way, you can take a look at each and decide for yourself, or you can recommend your favorites in the comments below: Do you have any apps for emergency situations?

*app also available for Android Devices

photo credit: Brian Wilkins via photopin cc

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    Great informative comments. I had given little thought to survival in case of emergency. After reading each section and realizing at some point it might be necessary to have info. Not available if Internet connection is not available. So much of the information is for that purpose and lessen you dependence on the Internet and some of the useful apps. Are free. This article was so good and it’s delivery understandable to the common man. Great read.

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